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Colorado Mountain Weekend Retreat

2024 Retreat Dates

February Women’s Retreat
April Couples Retreat
Check back in July for specific dates. 
More information will be available soon so check back. 

4 days in the Rocky mountains, at a luxury cabin resort with majestic views and amenities. Retreat venues include individual cabins, tiny homes, Luxury safari-like tents with all of the amenities.

Licensed clinicians, certified yoga instructors and other licensed professionals will guide you through this wellness retreat. 

Wellness retreats are beneficial to practice the art of connecting with yourself and work on confidence, insight, coping and self-care to name a few. The focus of this experience is to identify and build on existing strengths. Ultimately, you will learn how to draw on those strengths to help get through more challenging moments. 

Location: Most locations are 1 1/2-2 hours from the Denver International Airport. Transportation may abe provided to the retreat and back to the airport. 

Prior to the retreat:

We will start with 2 individual sessions in order to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. People will complete a strengths survey. The results will be shared at the retreat. An individual summary of your experience will also be provided at the end of the retreat.

This is an example of the agenda at retreats. Services are based on climate, availability and options you choose.

  • Daily Individual or couples counseling sessions and group therapeutic sessions,
  • Spa services: massage, facial, mani/pedi, exfoliation treatments and more,
  • Cooking classes focused on connecting in the kitchen, nutrition, and creating an experience.
  • Yoga such as couples yoga, Iyengar, Hatha, Yin and Restorative practices (weather permitting).
  • Meditation Breathing practices and Relaxation Exercises
  • Experiential exercises such as: paddle boarding, kayaking, snow mobiles, ropes courses and more.
  • Some experiences focus on wellness exercises and others focus on the art of adult play.
  • Daily continental breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by a local Chef. Menus focus on a vegetable forward menu, then protein.

Retreat Goals:The retreat is designed to provide experiences that enrich your life and assist in expanding the ways you take care of yourself/partners.
Based on your goals, identified in the pre-retreat sessions and common wellness goals, you will experience increased confidence, insight and incorporation of being more present in your life. Developing communication skills and appreciation of the art of play are also a part of the weekend retreat. We will identify your goals prior to the retreat.

All of these activities, for individual retreats include exercises that assist people in various ways, such as feeling more confident and able to assert yourself, build coping skills, more ease in looking inward and assessing experiences in different ways and much more.
Couples retreats assist partners with building communication skills focused on sharing, asserting, how to tackle difficult topics, support each other and more. The wellness experience will enhance your relationship by building on ways to connect with one another and make the most out of playing together. Nurturing activities will build on ways partners support each other, and express love. 
Our collective hope is that this unique experience will be a weekend of restoration and inspiration. Hopefully, this opportunity will add to your quality of life and you will incorporate new practices that help you manage this journey called life. 
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Next steps for you:

Email us at coloradocounseling.ccwc@gmail.com and we will send you more retreat information and a short questionnaire. 
Once you return the questionnaire, Two, 2 hour sessions are scheduled $200 per session, 2 months prior to the retreat. 
A 50% deposit confirms your reservation for the retreat. 
Insurance does not cover retreats.

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