Urban Retreats

Urban Retreats focus on experiential personal growth. With the assistance of a facilitator people learn how to implement ongoing practices that assist with life-long growth.

Everyone needs life experiences that help them work their self-awareness muscles like confidence,

Self-growth can be fun and powerful in the moment!

Colorado Mountain Weekend Retreat

Winter 2023 Strengths Focused Mountain Retreat for individuals

More information will be available soon so check back. 

4 days in the Rocky mountains, at a luxury cabin resort to connect with yourself and work on confidence, insight, coping and self-care to name a few. The focus of this experience is to identify and build on existing strengths. Ultimately, you will learn how to draw on those strengths to help get through more challenging moments. 

Prior to the retreat:

We will start with 2 individual sessions in order to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. People will complete a strengths survey. The results will be shared at the retreat. 

An individual summary of your experience will also be provided at the end of the retreat.


The retreat consists of:

  • Individual sessions and group sessions,
  • Massage and facial,
  • 1 class cooking class,
  • Yoga, paddle boarding (weather permitting).
  • Daily continental breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by a local Chef. 


All of these activities include exercises that assist people in various ways, such as feeling more confident and able to assert yourself, build your coping skills, more ease in looking inward and assessing experiences in different ways and more.

Ropes Course Retreat

Info is coming soon.

Indoor Obstacle Course Retreat

Info is coming soon.