Therapeutic Services

Individual Therapy for Adults, Kids and Teens

Sessions are 50 minutes for teens and adults, and 40 minutes for kids. In addition to various theories, such as Cognitive Behavioral, we use a strengths approach to guide therapy. This means that we identify and build on your existing strengths and learn how to temper anxiety, depression, stress, arguing, lack of focus etc. Clinicians also offer medication management in conjunction with your prescribing physicians. The first session focuses on assessment and identifying therapeutic options that are available. 

Kids and Teens

When working with teens and youth we become a part of your team by reinforcing things that are working at home and adding additional strategies. With youth ages 3 to 8 CCWC clinicians utilize play therapy.

First, a parent consult is scheduled then an appointment is scheduled for kids and teens. Periodic parent consults to discuss progress, goals and parental support are incorporated.  

Additional options for treatment and wellness are available. Depression surveys, Strength assessment and other tools are helpful adjuncts. Mountain and Beach Retreats offer focused time to work on various goals in addition to some relaxation and fun.

Couples Counseling

In order to maintain a more healthy relationship, periodic and consistent relationship work is recommended. Here is a short list to give you an idea of what couples counseling looks like.

Together we will assess what is working and isn’t working within the relationship.

We will identify expectations regarding roles and what arguing/fighting looks like between partners. Together, we will also tweak existing communication patterns and add new ways of expressing needs and feelings.

In addition to traditional couples therapy, relationship surveys and at-home exercises can be added to your ongoing couples work. Also, check out the retreats for couples.

Parent Support/Family Therapy

We will explore goals, parenting strategies, and ways to assist children with mental health issues. We strive to join your family team and will consult with schools, physicians etc. to assist with academic and medical needs. The counseling experience may include working with the entire family unit by exploring issues together and experiential exercises such as games, retreat work, parent/child evaluations, family genograms, and more. We can also add in parental support sessions and sibling therapy. Together we will devise the best treatment plan for your family.


Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials! After dating, maybe living together and getting to know one another, you have decided to get married. Pre-marital counseling is about identifying and discussing many things you have explored together before like finances, values, religion, children, parenting, sex, roles, extended family and more. Together, we will identify what your expectations are in the relationship and how to discuss and share important issues.

Therapists at the Colorado Counseling and Wellness Center believe that identifying individual strengths and building on those strengths creates a foundation that helps couples throughout their relationship.

What do we do in Pre-marital Counseling?

  • Couples complete surveys prior to sessions and results are discussed in session.
  • Participate in a variety of fun, physical and experiential exercises in session, at retreat destinations and at home.
  • Bi-weekly pre-marital individual sessions
  • Couples groups
  • At-home individual and couples homework.

Together, we will create a unique experience for you and your partner.

General Men’s group and Women’s Group (separate groups)

Groups consist of 4-6 women or men working on common issues that include depression, anxiety, relationships, substance use and gender specific challenges. This is a good space to work on confidence and feel good about who you are. We will also work on how you experience life around you and how you can focus on your values. Groups meet once per week or 2 times per month for 1 ½ hours.

Wednesday and Saturday groups currently available.

Clinical Supervision includes

Clinical Supervision includes: case consultation, exploration of professional goals, assistance developing your practice, further development of theoretical orientation, and identification of opportunities to obtain licensure hours. Normally, supervision is one time per week and the cost is $50.00.

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